The past and the present

In the beginning, in 1993, a young man started a job working in an ice cream truck in midtown Manhatten. He spent his summers and weekends serving ice cream to people from all walks of life. For him, it was the appeal of driving down the road in a Mr. Softie truck to the iconic music playing over the megaphone.

He recalls the look on children’s faces as they heard the music playing. He remembers how they would run to greet the ice cream truck. Their young voices cheering in glee as they called their parents for money. “Mom, Dad!!! Ice Cream!!!” would be heard over and over again. This became a familiar sound to him, as did the smiles on their faces when they received their fresh served ice cream. It was something he loved and cherished, as it became his life.

In 2020, the Covid19 pandemic hit New York City at a tragic level. This abrupted business, and put a halt to everyones way of life. Everything they knew and loved was in peril of being lost, it was then that he made a life changing decision. Himself and two other individuals formulated a plane to relocate the ice cream company to Florida in order to start a new business doing what he loved.

This is how NY Ice Cream Company of South Florida was created. It was one’s man initial love for selling ice cream, and the support of his business partners and friends that made a dream a reality. NY Ice Cream Company is far more than a mere fleet of ice cream trucks. It is the foundation of a story, the love of a man, and the happiness he has experience in his lifetime serving ice cream. This is how he got his nickname, “Softie”.



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Who doesn’t like Ice Cream? It is safe to say that many people love ice cream, as it takes them back to their youths. It is a wonderful treat that always brings a smile to someone’s face.

NY Ice Cream Company is available to book for your party, event, or gathering. Surprise your friends, co-workers, or church groups. Give them a little joy within a cone, a cup, or a dish. Icecream takes away the sorrow and gives us that joy we all crave and yearn for.

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